Breakthroughs and Coaching

Nicky working with client to integrate parts.
Nicky working with client to integrate parts.

Breakthroughs typically take a whole day, but can be broken down into two days. Coachings are eight week programs, one hour  a week. In a breakthrough Nicky focuses on one aspect of her client’s life that is not working as well as it should. Values are assessed and realigned, negative emotions and limiting beliefs are eliminated, and strategies and goals implemented.

Breakthroughs are designed to push a client to consider other options and release old beliefs that are no longer useful. What we want is outside our comfort zone. To get there we are going to feel discomfort.  Leaving the grey zone – the comfortable well worn spot on the couch – is not easy, but to get the life you want one has to take that journey.

Nicky provides safety and familiarity and an environment that allows vulnerability. Clients leave energized, balanced and motivated.

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