“I wanted to tell you I am so grateful for you and our sessions – you are amazing and I’m grateful I found you. You are a delight and I really feel you are helping me and I’m truly grateful for it!”


May 13, 2023

“Hi Nicky. I just wanted to let you know that my entire state of mind is so much better. I’m so much more calm and relaxed as well as patient. I don’t let things bug me as much as they used to. Just wanted to thank you. I greatly appreciate you. See you next month!” G

February 11th, 2022

I wanted to tell you that the hypnotherapy session was by far the most healing thing I have ever experienced. I feel so happy and at peace today.


March 10th, 2021

Hi Nicky, this is D from Monday night. I just have to say the last two nights I have been sleeping without any interruption, any sort of problems – ALONE. No one on the phone and in the complete dark. Thank you so much for your help. I don’t completely understand how you put me in that trance, but whatever you did made a pretty good influence.

Hi Nicky,

I don’t know if you remember me, this is R. You helped me about 10 months ago. I came in once, by myself and the second time with my mom. I had/have a strange irrational vein/blood test phobia.

I thought I would go ahead and give you an update: I am 3 months pregnant I have already had 3 blood tests and one IV (from getting dehydrated) And I survived!! It was uncomfortable, of course, but I survived.

I wanted to reach out to you to express my gratitude. I absolutely cannot put into words how grateful I am to you ! You helped me change my perspective and it has been life changing for me. What is happening to my body is so much bigger and more important than an irrational phobia that has caused me such unnecessary stress that I was not able to see until now and with your guidance.

So again, thank you times a thousand.
Happy Holidays and a happy new year !!

December, 2019

“Hi Nicky, I wanted to check in and let you know that I am doing exceptionally well following our therapy session. I feel like I have a new perspective on life. Your work is truly amazing and I’d love to see the other ways you could help my mind. I truly feel calm and happy for the first time in so long. Thank you SO much!!!”

Syan, October 2019

“I wanted to report that I made it thru New Years Day without gaining any weight and have lost 4 pounds so far this year.  Fifteen to go.

Thanks for the help.  Will let you know how it goes.”

Burt, January 2019

“Nicky is an amazing hypnotherapist. Talking to her is like speaking to a very dear friend. I don’t know exactly how it all works, but I don’t always have to know the how. I just feel like she helps keep my mindset straight and I know positive things come out of out talking to her each time.”

Sue, August 2018

“No soda since December 18th. I am actually shocked. Maybe I should use this to get rid of pizza!”

Scott, February 2018

“I would like to meet routinely every other month and possibly more. I’m doing well! Since our meeting I have already noticed a huge difference in my approaches to daily life and people have noticed as well in how I’ve been carrying myself which is lovely. I’m excited to meet again.”

Felicity, June 2017

Thank you Nicky. I am grateful for what you’ve done for me. Your session really helped put my mind at ease. I look forward to seeing you again – Jenny

Nicky is pure light. I’d recommend her to anyone desiring a deeper look into themselves.”

David, October 2016

Nicky is a great listener, easy to talk to and very educated on many subjects. She is able to listen to what you say and give you positive feedback and action steps to make changes.

Vandra, October 2016

Nicky is fantastic! She truly helped resolve some of my issues as well as my anxiety. She truly cares about her clients and goes over and beyond. I would highly recommend her!”

October, 2016 

“After smoking for over 40 years, I was somewhat skeptical that I would ever be able to quit, let alone by hypnotherapy. It has been over 30 days and I have not had one cigarette! Yes of course, there has been an occasional craving but nothing like what it used to be! Nickie was soothing and a confidence builder! I am so grateful to finally be free of nicotine addiction! Sincere thanks!”

Darcie, December 2014

“You will leave Nicky’s office with new serenity, insight and inspiration. She is a naturally intuitive and caring hypnotherapist with exceptional skills and an incredibly soothing voice! Don’t think twice about calling her for help – you’ll receive it!”

Sarah Golden, CCH, CATC, September 2015

“Nicky, I tried everything to overcome my sleeping issues. I’ve attended sleep clinics, acupuncture, have used sleep aids such as Ambien and Sonata, but since the hypnosis the problem just seemed to go away. Everything you said had validity but a couple of comments registered more than others and that was all I needed. It was so easy. Thank you!”

Eric, Newport Beach, April 2015

“During the last few days I have been re-reading your wonderful book and found parts that were even more vivid and moving than I remembered. It is a marvellous life achievement and even though you are still so young, you share experiences that give me hope for however long I have got (which thus far is much longer than the doctors anticipated). Your approach to making the very best of your time here is so sustaining, so thank you, dear Nicky.”

Carole Korving, England, November 2014 

“I had a lot of pleasure to work with Nicky. Her naturally gentle approach made me feel instantly comfortable. I couldn’t believe it would be so easy to get a durable result in such a gentle manner. Thank you so much Nicky for who you are, and for changing my life. I feel so confident and different now.”

Veronique Metivet, Feng Shui Interior Designer, San Diego, September 2014

“Dear Nicky, Thank you for being an amazing hypnotist and helping me to let go of my problem of low confidence and build my confidence back up using the yardstick method. Now I am more confident and my problem just disappeared instantly. Thanks again!”

Danielle Khim, CHT, MNLP, September 14th, 2014

“I want to thank you for yesterday that was amazing and for the first time in a year I have slept without my breathing issue. I feel sort of floating, reborn, ok with what was bothering me. I even talked to my husband again. Thank you and see you next session.”

Teresa, August 2014

“I wanted to thank you for your kindness. Life can be really tough. To find someone with a good heart is refreshing. Hope to meet with you after your travels.”

Janelle, July 2014

“I had a weird dream last night. I got into an elevator which I never even do in my dreams, and it was like an earthquake in the elevator. It stopped and shook and did all this weird stuff but what was totally amazing is that I was somehow relaxed and not afraid. I waited it out and then the doors opened and I got out. Is that progress? What the hell?”

Julie, Costa Mesa, June 2014

“The minute I walked in the door I liked Nicky. I had previously been to a different hypnotherapist and did not ‘like’ him at all. Nicky really cares and loves what she does. Just the talking was good, but the processes are amazing. Each time I go I feel different when I leave. I sent my Mom to see her, and my friend!”

Jean, Costa Mesa, May 2014

“I experienced the most amazing Breakthrough Session with Nicky Fleming. It had a lot to do with doubt and guilt among other things. The doubt I created was stopping me from succeeding in my work and in life. The process was intense and at the same time brought about a lot of awareness. The different techniques that Nicky used were exactly what I needed to completely release that old emotion and many I didn’t even know were there. She even found some limiting decisions that once released completely changed my way of thinking. We then set up my goals for success.

If you are at a crossroads or feeling stuck a Breakthrough Session, with Nicky, is definitely the way to go. You will never be the same again.

Thanks so much Nicky”

Jade Elizabeth, Westminster, March 2014

“Hi Nicky,

Thank you sooo much, I have had the best afternoon, I feel like a new woman!!
I am so thankful that you were chosen to be my hypnotherapist!! You’re the best!!”
(Now a non-smoker)

Christine, Silverado, January 2014

“I really did enjoy the other day, and have continued to be impressed (and
pleasantly surprised) at the results from associating the ‘beautiful broken
unavailable boys’ with dislike – I saw a photo of Joey on Facebook
last night, and instead of thinking “aww why doesn’t he want me – if he doesn’t want
me who would?’ or .. “maybe he’ll change and I will be the one that is worth it and
he’ll change for me” or.. “I wonder if I will have the willpower to avoid him when I go hiking next?”

Instead of that horrid circular trap … I honestly couldn’t remember how it felt to
care about what he is doing or where he is …I will get a glimmer of it, and when I
try to follow it – to start wondering what he is doing, I find I don’t care. If I
start trying to remember what it felt like to be  to want him, to
be happy to have him be happy to see me – I start getting nauseated, and the more I
try to recall, the worse the revulsion gets – it’s awesome.”

Tanya, San Clemente, January 2014

“Speaking of hypnosis, I want to thank you for our session and helping me get back to my yoga practice. It might not be what I had in mind initially but I think what I’ve got going on now is really beneficial for me.”

Lisa, Newport Beach, August 2013

“Nicky helped me with my issue of proscrastination. I don’t know what happened really, but I seem to have accomplished everything I set out to do this year after an extremely slow start. She also taught me some self-hypnosis techniques that I practice almost daily. I wake up motivated and the process puts me into the most restful sleep.”

Robert, October, 2013

“I went to see Nicky for a very personal issue. She immediately put me at ease. It was such a relief just to talk to somebody.”

John, September, 2013

“Thanks Nicky! I don’t bite my nails anymore. One session did it. I’m liking my green nail polish.”

May, 2013.

“I went to see Nicky for help with weight-loss. I was sick of diets that didn’t work and knew there must be more to it than food consumption. I did a few sessions with Nicky and man oh man, did I find out the root course of my over-eating. I have lost 10lbs without trying and will continue to see Nicky because hypnosis is the best counsel ever. A third party can only talk the talk, your sub-consious is where your power lies. I’m loving it!

Amy, Newport Beach

“Hey I listened to the CD this afternoon. Loved it! You are very good. I love the evenness of your speech, very relaxing and easy to go under quite deep. The suggestions were very helpful, and the overall energy peaceful and healing. The biggest healing point was going back to a formative time when things were difficult, and talking to the younger me. I found that part of the CD very powerful and cathartic. In all, I am very impressed with your talent. You are even more gifted than I expected, having known for a long time that you are an indefatigably upbeat person. Your voice is is great asset also. Soothing, and that lovely accent. In short, CD is healing, soothing, confidence building, and will be a wonderful tool for recharging the spirit in the midst a busy challenging life. These “custom made” remote CDs would I think be quite a help to a lot of people, prefaced by a phone conversation so you’d know the things that person is working on. Love & thanks again for taking all the time and trouble to give me this gift. I will treasure it.”

Friend. Leslie Morgan

“Nicky and I met during our hypnotherapy training. We became such good friends that we still meet regularly to ‘practice’ on each other. I have seen amazing changes in my life as a result of my hypnosis sessions with Nicky. Thank you so much Nicky Fleming! You are such a gift in my life! ”

Dr. Vondie Lozano. Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.

“Nicky really helped me get in touch with that part of me that wants to succeed.  After a couple of sessions I definitely noticed improvement in myself.”

Jorge Rodriguez-Ramos

“I find my sessions with Nicky to be relaxing yet invigorating! Her soothing voice transports me to a place where I feel safe to let my inner child come through. I have noticed the effects of each session to be lasting and cumulative. Thanks, Nicky, for giving me a space where I feel safe to explore and to release subconscious blocks that have been holding me back!”

Maria Bright, Nurse practitioner

“To all interested in a wonderful way to heal your ills…

In my (blank) years on this planet, I have taken advantage of counseling a few times on a variety of subjects, some with good results and others not so much.  Regardless of the previous results my mind is open to the myriad mental health options available, which now includes Waypoint Hypnotherapy, with Nicki Fleming.

Earlier this year, because of my 6 year professional acquaintanceship with Nicki Fleming, I was pleased to hear of her desire and action to join  a profession that would help people like me with minor needs as well as others with serious life wear and tear needs.

At this time in my life, I have found two subjects to be in control of me and not the reverse as it should be.   Although I think about doing something…. Eventually….  to get past these two issues I have let a few years pass without any active effort to get off the couch and exercise….  This has never been a problem for me to do without assistance, but for various reasons I find it impossible to act on the need to become more healthy.    Because I need to get up and moving I thought that was a great opportunity to ask for Nicki’s assistance.

Nicki’s sessions are a combination of relaxation and knowing that she is here to help and move me towards my goals.  It was a wonderful experience and I intend on seeing her again early in the new year – 2013.

If you decide to use her services, you will not be disappointed.”

Victoria McCrann, Costa Mesa, Ca