Performance Enhancement

New York Times

VITAL SIGNS: PERFORMANCE; For Athletes, Better Focus With Hypnosis

Published: December 29, 1998


“Moments before the gun sounded to start his World Cup 400m race, Iwan Thomas gently tugged on his left ear lobe. This subtle movement helped him block out the noise of the crowd and the runners on either side of him. Like a number of other top athletes, Mr. Thomas has been using hypnosis to enhance his performance. The action of pulling his ear lobe is known as an associative post-hypnotic command, which brought him into a heightened state of concentration. He won the race that day, capping off his best season ever.”

I find making a fist works great. Every time something good happens, a feeling of confidence, uncontrollable laughter, I put ‘it’ in the fist that acts as a treasure box, essentially, for me. When I need that extra surge I access my personal power point. As more ‘good stuff’ is added the stronger the feeling of invincibility.

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