It’s the feel of the sidewalk beneath my feet and smells of the dinners people eat, and the cool of the breeze and the warmth of the sun, and the accomplishment from a day well done, and the blast of joy that warms my heart, and the prickle of sadness that makes me smart, and memories flood and memories ebb, as I walk along with thoughts of bed. Oh what a day, what a life of mine, perfused with moments, weightless in time, these dots on canvas that daub my frame, leave marks of me, but art unnamed, and life will come and life will go and frames on walls of lives unknown, as I walk by the house of bricks, where children idly drag their sticks, along the rail while Tabby Cat, knows exactly when I’ll be back, and windows to my mind are wide, stretched past boundaries, unbound by time, and me the sidewalk ‘neath my feet, instinctively turn down my street.   By Nicky – June, 2014

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