Hypnosis or relaxation?


At a recent hypnosis Meetup, we discussed how people are still afraid to be ‘hypnotized.’ How can we ease them of these reservations so that they can benefit from, at the very least, a time of peaceful reflection? I suggested referring to it as ‘focused relaxation.’ I encouraged my friend from El Salvador to have a session for issues related to weight. She was reluctant for all the old religious reasons but trusted me and left the session feeling motivated, relaxed, and with a new insight. She is now trying to get her friends from Al-Anon to try it but all have the same reservations.  I’ll admit I initially had trepidations too and was maybe a tiny bit disappointed when I left the session feeling like ‘nothing had happened.’ I did enjoy the one-on-one interaction with my hypnotherapist Kathe Caldwell, but surely I hadn’t been hypnotized? Now I find hypnosis in my life to be as important as massage is to some or a chiropractic adjustment to others. It’s a decadent gelato and expresso on a narrow, cobbled Italian street. Yes, that’s what it is to me!

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